Say It

By Daniel Osuji

After our first meeting
An event that my heart wouldn’t stop greeting
I was lost in loves paradise
My soul clave to you with an incessant rise

When you call, it’s as if a new car was bought for me
I’ve been fighting so hard within, thinking maybe you’re not for me
I then noticed that you were also in the same shoes
We were like birds that didn’t know that we’re for each other’s shoes

Love is really war, I’ve seen it
I tried to hide from it but in it’s hands did I eat
Your kindness well painted with an evaustic gum on my heart
Not even decades could ever erase such goodness from my heart

Talking to each other is always interesting
But for me to talk, amidst I stutter, I speak, hiding
Those feelings with, “I’m sorry”
My eyes fixed on the ground and very scary

We stood tall like two meerkats
Lost in each other’s loves hat
I tried to speak but my eyes never left the ground
Gently, a hand raised that head from the ground

Though, in clothes of my stutter I try to hide
She, like a queen who really loves her king, came close and stood by my side
Holding my hands a little bit
She said with the voice of a Nightingale, just say it.

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