Secret Life Of Gnomes 2

By Anonymous

I’m not too tall but that’s okay
There are better things to be anyway.

People come in every shape and kind
And the way I am suits me just fine.

There are many good things about being short
Here are some samples from my report:

When snowflakes fall, if you think of it,
You are the last one that they hit.

Walking under trees some people get stuck
You don’t even have to duck.

When Christmas lists need delivery
You’re small enough to sit on Santa’s knee.

When you’re playing hide and seek
You won’t be found until next week.

Short or tall, it’s plain to see
Which of these I’d rather be.

I’d rather tell jokes that make people laugh
Than be as tall as a giraffe.

I’d rather learn to play guitar
Than be tall enough to jump over cars.

I’d rather be an actor in a play
Than be too tall for a doorway.

I’d rather have friends and family
Than be taller than a tree.

I’d rather blend in with the crowd
Than have my head stuck in the clouds.

I’d rather not grow too tall too soon
Than bump my head upon the moon.

I’d rather read books about Earth and Mars
Than tangle my hair up in the stars.

And the very best thing about being small,
If I ever trip,
I don’t have very far to fall.

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