Self-Harm Poem

By Anonymous

Under the sleeve lies a secret forever untold
Buried in the blankets of deception and lies
What had caused it no one knows
Except for the girl whose scars she own
Day and night she prayed the secret be kept
So she might continue the art of the blade
On her skin she drags it across
The mitigation she felt
No one could understand
For how can pain be used to cure?
But she knows
To alleviate the inner
The outer shalt hurt
There’s no win-win situation
It’s a sacrifice of either one
Absolute escape can never be achieved
Pain will always mark its presence
It’s only how we choose to feel it
Physical pain is more cinch to cope
‘Cos we’re the one controlling it
She can let it stop if she want
She can let it bleed if she please
There can never be better than being in control
At least the pain lets her know she’s alive
Her lips break into a smile as she saw the crimson red
Dripping noiselessly onto the immaculate marble floor
The scars will hold prove to all that transpired
As evidence of the pain carved into her skin
The years will pass but they will never fade
As aching reminders of the bitter moments
Every glimpse at them brings tears to her eyes
As her heart wrenches reminiscing the past
Her mind floods with the vivid memories of hurt
The words hurled at her like a thousand knives
Leaving her wounded and battered
She can’t be strong and fight
Unless her lacerations are completely healed
But no one ever saw
So no one has came to her aid
Instead they continued to injure
Sticks and stones may break her bones
But words shatter the inside
It’s not only the outside
Don’t just look at the surface
‘Cos there’s much more underneath
For you to delve into the truth behind the mask of smiles
If you are truly concerned
For you to unravel the secret
If you truly seek to correlate
For you to show your empathy
If you truly think you are a friend
For you to heal the wounds
If you truly want to save her
A little loss of blood each time will not kill her It’s not the act itself that is fatal
What is lethal is the thoughts that accompany
The drive behind the behaviour of self-destruct
The reasons for bringing the blade to one’s own skin
Day by day as it all piles up
Eventually it will all lead to that one outcome
Maybe not tonight, next week or tomorrow
One day the dark secret will be brought to light
For there is no ever-lasting element in the mortal world
One day she will find that it no longer suffices
For the pain gets too over-whelming for the physical to counter
Now what’s left is the only way she sees to free herself
Out of the world that comes crashing down on her
To end the life she had so painstakingly fought through
For without life none exists
Not feeling, thoughts nor pain
Life sent her to death as a gift
Death enveloped her in her welcoming open arms
Death loves her for she is a child of darkness
Born to suffer in the blinding light of life
Now that she’s returned to the home of the fallen angels
He shall keep her forever

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