Should You

By Denis Barasa

Should you stumble upon me
Drowning in diarrhoea
Eyes dilating and nostrils nettling
Mouth manufacturing methanol
Should you by sheer sorrow or luck
Meet me this way a day to our nuptials:
Will you still wait on me
Will you pull me up
And wash me clean
Will you go ahead
And ring me?

Should you see me
Sink my sanitised self
In the safes and shelves
Of our Central Granary
Should you see me spit
On the selfless souls
That daily break their spines
In service to society
Should you witness
My belly morph into a pot
Your wages sink
amid my soaring shilling:
Will you still elect
To erect a bridge between
My mission and your Canaan?

Should you find a forest
Down by the river or up in the hills
Should you learn it is protected
Should you too feel its financial forest:
Will you cut down your desire?

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