Silent Friend

By Silent One

when demons scream
fabricating falsehoods
i’ll summon the angels
to help ease your mind

when you feel damaged
too broken to whisper
in dull blank darkness
i’ll illuminate like stars

when dreams are nightmares
sleeplessness stresses sanity
rest tired head on my chest
i’ll be your comforting pillow

when you forget the lyrics
i’ll hum sentimental tunes
when struggling to express
i’ll create heartfelt poetry

when tears rush in like the tide
puddles become dismally deep
i’ll lift you upon the highest cliff
watch sunrise from your heart

when leaves fall to the ground
birds abandon naked branches
i’ll wrap you in my winter coat
till green leaves shelter nests

when society points in prejudice
i’ll strive for justice in injustice
open every door that has closed
clear paths to offer you clarity

when there is too much silence
i’ll request nightingales to sing
when there is too much noise
i’ll always be your silent friend

Sunday Musings
Silent One
18 October 2020

Dedicated to all those who are always there for others.
True act of friendship and compassion is how friendly and compassionate you are to those, who are not. Even those who may take it for granted.


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