SleepWalking, As The Snow Falls

By Constance La France 

Cold was the winter night as the snow fell,
drifting and piling on the streets and paths;
where a wandering girl struggled to walk,
weary and homeless, sleepwalking.

Oh, she was lost, a runaway of abuse,
cold was the night but colder was her fear;
she was sleepwalking to nowhere in the snow,
she had no shelter from the winter.

Fast the people walked past not seeing her,
help me, feeble the poor girl cried out;
help me please, I am so cold and hungry,
sleepwalking, she struggled on and on.

Once I had friends- but they are gone now,
once I had parents- but they betrayed me;
once I had a home- once I had a man to love,
oh, please pity me strangers walking by.

I had a life before- I had a baby boy,
yes, a baby- he is in Heaven above now;
Loud is the wind blowing her down and down,
as the people walk on and on.

And when she could not walk she lay down,
from the gathering snow she called out, help me;
so loud was the wind that her voice drifted.
so, she closed her eyes, and slept.

Worn out from sleepwalking and hopelessness,
down she sank into her bed of cold soft snow;
there did a walker find her in the morning,
God, had given her a home.

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