Slow Down

By Elizabeth Dawn

We are standing together under the night sky.
You brush your hand gently
across my cheek and down my neck,
slowly brushing my arm then you place your hand
ever so gently on the small of my back
and take the other and place it under my chin
to lift my head to look me in the eyes, my heart beings
to race inside me, my cheeks burn
red and my skin sparkles in the moon light.

Your eyes so calm and warm look into mine;
you see me and only me. You hold me and no one else.
The golden brown of your eyes burns with love
as you look at me. Tears fall from my angel blue eyes.
You’re the only one to ever look at me
and not want me to give you everything I have left;

You’re the only one that’s happy with just being able to hold me close. You tell me to slow down
because you don’t need me to do
what everyone else needed me to do.
You will always stay by me as I am
and give me everything and not ask for anything
but me to stand by you.

So I will wait till I am truly ready to give you everything I have.
And I know you will wait till that day
and love me still after
everything I have is gone.

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