Some Wounds Don't Heal

By Lekan Adeneye Malloren

Bird chirps, laughter and water wave noise
Those were the sounds that filled my environment
Long lasting silence occupying the atmosphere
The horses in my fathers farmhouse would often neigh – disrupting the silence we are all used to
As little kids, we gather around to play in group
Our loud laughter cracking through walls of various homes
We were innocent and naive – happiness was the only emotion we knew

Then they came – Yes, in big trucks and tanks
Their hands wielding cold metals that emits fire
Gunshots, wailing and crying filled our ever peaceful atmosphere
Blood of innocent children and mothers flow through my father’s farmland

I saw wailing mothers clinging onto their children – and defenseless Fathers falling to the ground like debris
It all lasted for seconds – then total silence
It is often said that all is fair in love and war – and this was war

Gboa!!! I heard the sound loudly in my ears, my hands tremble and beads of sweat gathered on my forehead
My heart raced like there was no tomorrow
I saw them again pointing their guns towards me
My mouth opened partly and I draw in inconsistent breaths
I struggled to the window and I saw the car that just bumped into the tree by the road side

Phew!!! I sighed, it’s been ten years since the incident at my village, but I still live in the illusion of the past

Just last week, Vivian was pouring me wine on my bed
As she poured the content into my cup
All I could see was blood flowing from my father’s farmland into my goblet
My hands trembled and my chest tightened at the sight
Now a young man living in the city but still in chains

Anxiety, fear, sadness, anger and trauma are the order of my days
I’ve said my predicament to only few
Some said I should find closure – closure where?
Many told me time heals all wounds – that’s only a fallacy
I feel this wound won’t heal for a long time to come

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