Somehow They're Friends

By Gerard M

I found them cause of music or YouTube

Some of them I knew who they were

But didn’t care about them when I was younger

They’re the ones who I say “Top Of The Morning To Ya Laddies” or “Where’s The Black Smith” with

Or instead sing Oh Miss Believer or Thnks Fr Th Mmrs with

Most of them I consider my best friends

Some of them are Patrick, Pete, Joe, and Andy

Others are Jimmy, Chris, Chandler, and Karl

They’re there for me when any actual people aren’t

They’re the ones who don’t care about the fact that I’m LGBTQ+

They just see me as another human being that’s a fan of their music or channel

I try to remind myself about the Fall Out Boy lyric “You Are What You Love Not Who Loves You”

And tell myself that I’ll be like Frank Iero and JackSepticEye

Some of them are the reason why I’m going to be a youtuber

I ask myself all the time how in the world did they somehow wind up being someone I consider friends

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