Spirit Of A Great Control

By Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Spirit of a Great Control,
Gird me with thy strength and might,
Essence of the Over-Soul –
Fill me, thrill me with thy light;
Though the waves of sorrow beat
Madly at my very feet,
Though the night and storm are near,
Teach me that I need not fear.

Though the clouds obscure the sky,
When the tempest sweeps the lands,
Still about, below, on high,
God’s great solar system stands.
Never yet a star went out.
What have I to fear or doubt? –
I, a part of this great whole,
Governed by the Over-Soul.

Like the great eternal hills,
Like the rock that fronts the wave,
Let me meet all earthly ills
With a fearless heart and brave;
Like the earth that drinks the rain,
Let me welcome floods of pain,
Till I grow in strength to be
Worthy of my source in Thee.

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