Story Of The Dream Stele

By M.L Kiser

By the Sphinx he slept,
the young Tuthmosis, from heat prostration
lay at midday with shade of Ra in repose
upon his brow.

The sun at its zenith
voice of his god whispered to him,
“I am your father Horemakhet-Khepri-Ra-Atum.”

A promise bestowed, a reward of Pharoah,
wind-blown sands had buried the effigy.
Tuthmosis with vigilant obedience,
revealing Hormakhet’s great visage
the people’s eyes rested once again,
on the majesty of their now,
glorious free-limbed god.

A Stele place between the paws,
the doorway lintel of mortuary temple,
reveals the dreamscape prophecy;
a king must care for his monuments;
thus claims the sacred legacy of Ma’at.

Truth and order, let justice be,
that is the way of a proper king.
As morning, noon and night, Horem-Akhet,
guides with great light
for only a future pharaoh,
would agree to embark upon such a daunting task.

A legend tells, how mighty Horem-Akhet chose
Tuthmosis for pharoah in one night.

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