Street Dance

By Kevin East

If you’re down to your last chance
Take it to the street and dance.
Backed by a lone heartbeat
Let the rhythm move your feet.
Let it pump through your veins.
Long lost strength
You will regain.
Whether it’s therapy
Or fame,
Just act out your dream.
Life is so unkind
Playing music of your mind
Leaving tears in your slipstream.
All emotions flying blind.
With steps to light the sun again.
Pop and lock
Let it rock
Whether it’s ballet modern
Or hip hop.
So go out and kill the pain.
Dance on its grave.
You know you will be saved.
Such pounding release
For that moment of peace.
Then you hear the applause.
No more closing doors.
Or the face of defeat
Paint the old town red.
And leave your blues upon the floor.
I said,
Recovery complete.
When you take it to the street.

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