By Tina Carroll-Scott

This thing they call the “Superbug”
Sounds very scary indeed,
But it is caused by a known bacteria
That is common in you and me.

The medical term is staph aureus
And it lives in many places,
Like on your skin and in the noses
Of people who have faces.

In healthy individuals
This bug will cause no harm,
But open wounds and illness
Can drastically change its charm.

This change is called resistance
And the bacteria becomes very strong,
Outsmarting many antibiotics
So that it continues to live long.

These infections may appear
As big and hideous bumps,
That are often red and swollen
Painful, pus-filled ugly lumps.

The best protection from this “bug”
Is very good hygiene,
So wash your hands with soap and water
And really get them clean.

Alcohol-based sanitizers
Work the same as well,
There are many brands available
In foam, liquid, and gel.

Always cover cuts and scrapes
And avoid sharing personal things,
Like towels, clothes, and razors
Or even your best friend’s “bling.”

Remember that the “Superbug”
Should not cause undue fear,
Just follow these precautions
And stay healthy the whole year.

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