What To Do? By Andrea Wilson

What To Do? By Andrea Wilson What to do when your child just hurts? Day after day he’s scared, he’s afraid. It’s daunting the power a bully exerts. Should I take a stance and dissuade? Dissuade all those who still believe, Boys must be boys, there’s nothing amiss. And girls are so harmless; it’s just […]

To A Bully By Eugene Field

To A Bully By Eugene Field You, blatant coward that you are, Upon the helpless vent your spite. Suppose you ply your trade on me; Come, monkey with this bard, and see How I’ll repay your bark with bite! Ay, snarl just once at me, you brute! And I shall hound you far and wide, […]

The Bullying Game By Gordon Whittaker

The Bullying Game By Gordon Whittaker I took a snapshot of my little tot then gently lifted her out of her cot she was like a feather in my arms, and oh how I fell for those baby charms. Those small delicate fingers and screwed up tiny toes, the aroma of a newborn baby, her […]

Bullying By Patricia Grantham

Bullying By Patricia Grantham Frightened and bewildered you feel so all alone To fend for yourself all your friends are gone Ran for cover but you left behind a trail You tried to defend yourself but to no avail Be encouraged, stay focused and be strong Dear God please help me and give me the […]

Poems about Confidence
Poems about Confidence

God By Isaac Rosenberg

God By Isaac Rosenberg In his malodorous brain what slugs and mire, Lanthorned in his oblique eyes, guttering burned! His body lodged a rat where men nursed souls. The world flashed grape-green eyes of a foiled cat To him. On fragments of an old shrunk power, On shy and maimed, on women wrung awry, He […]