For It Felt Like Power By Carl Phillips

For It Felt Like Power By Carl Phillips They’d only done what all along they’d come intending to do. So they lay untouched by regret, after. The combined light and shadow of passing cars stutter-shifted across the walls the way, in summer, the night moths used to, softly sandbagging the river of dream against dream’s […]

Swimming By Carl Phillips

Swimming By Carl Phillips Some nights, I rise from the latest excuse for Why not stay awhile, usually that hour when the coyotes roam the streets as if they’ve always owned the place and had come back inspecting now for damage. But what hasn’t been damaged? History here means a history of storms rushing the […]

Blue By Carl Phillips

Blue By Carl Phillips As through marble or the lining of    certain fish split open and scooped    clean, this is the blue vein that rides, where the flesh is even    whiter than the rest of her, the splayed    thighs mother forgets, busy struggling    for command over bones: her own,    those of the chaise longue, all […]

Domestic By Carl Phillips

Domestic By Carl Phillips If, when studying road atlaseswhile taking, as you call it, your   morning dump, you shout down to   me names like Miami City, Franconia,   Cancún, as places for you to take   me to from here, can I help it if all I can think is things that are   stupid, like he loves me he loves me   not? I don’t […]