Chimaera By Diane Fahey

Chimaera By Diane Fahey The Chimaera was, apparently, a calendar-symbol of the tripartite year, of which the seasonal emblems were lion, goat, and serpent… When the goat emblem disappeared, the Chimaera gave place to the Sphinx, with her winged lion’s body and serpent’s tail… [Perseus] cut off Medusa’s head with one stroke of his sickle; […]

Gryphon By Diane Fahey

Gryphon By Diane Fahey Once, dragon-like, you guarded treasure. Later, you guarded power: in repose, regally aloof, beside the throne at Knossos, neck arched, body luxuriant with flowers. On cauldron or krater, a governed savagery, though a paw may be raised, a beak open. Only rarely are you in action — serpentine spoiler of deer, […]