57 websites that will pay for your poetry in 2021

“POETRY DOESN’T PAY.”… If you have been into arts and culture for any decent amount of time, I’m sure you have heard that phrase before. Look, I’m not here to convince you otherwise. Truth be told, I may have uttered those very words myself, once or twice. I know too many brilliant writers and performers […]

The Historical Timeline of Poetry: 5000BC- Present

The Historical Timeline of Poetry Throughout history, poets have been writing about their thoughts and feelings to reach people with similar experiences. Poetry is one of the oldest mediums for expressing one’s emotions, and there are many different eras to explore. For example, English poetry has its roots in ancient times when poems were primarily […]

The Life and Times of William Shakespeare 1564-1616

William Shakespeare is considered by many to be the most influential writer in the English language. His impact on literature cannot be overstated, and his legacy still lives on today. Who was this man who has become so iconic? How did he end up becoming a literary legend? This article will discuss William’s life from […]

A Sneak Peek at Fanfiction in English Literature

Fanfiction in English literature

The longest piece of English literature is a multi-crossover fanfiction called Loud House  Revamped by James Dean.  As of March 2020, the epic story has approximately 1348 chapters spanning over 8,790,688 words and counting! That is long enough to lap the entire Harry Potter series almost nine times! The previous record for the longest piece […]