Press Release August 2021

Me Press Release: Poetry Should Teach & Inspire 23 August 2021 Poetry Submissions We are now considering poetry submissions from writers all around the world via a simple Google Forms portal. Selected poems will be continuously shared and promoted across our online network and the submission portal will remain open all year round. You can find […]

Why You Need a Poetry Journal Right Now

The practise of writing poetry, in its most basic sense, is an act of expression. Poetry can be a way to process your feelings and open up avenues for self-discovery. Writing poetry also can make other people feel less alone and more understood through connecting on a deep emotional level. This article will discuss how […]

20 Types Of Poetry And Their Modern Examples

Do you ever experiment with different writing styles? Or do you always write the same types of poetry time? With over 100 styles to choose from, it’s high time you challenge yourself and spice things up! This article will explore the 20 most popular styles in today’s world. We’ll go over their origins, use cases, […]

18 types of poetic devices and how to use them

18 types of poetic devices Poetry is an incredible way to express your feelings and opinions. It can be used for any occasion, from a wedding to a funeral or even just as the soundtrack of your life. Poetic devices are one of the best ways to make sure that you are getting the most […]

How to write a poetry book in 12 simple steps

How to write a poetry book in 12 simple steps Set up your writing space. Gather your writing tools. Set a deadline and writing schedule. Settle on your theme. Conduct your research. Plot your story outline. Break down your action plan. Write a powerful opening line. Include emotion, conflict and tension. Write first, edit later. […]

6 poetry exercises to skyrocket your writing

6 poetry exercises to skyrocket your writing! Every writer needs to keep a few poetry exercises up their sleeve to help them summon a poem at will.  The best athletes in the world practice regularly. They also warm-up and stretch before a big game. Musicians and performers frequently rehearse to keep their vocals in top […]

How Does Poetry Affect Mental Health?

How does poetry affect mental health

How does poetry affect mental health? “You have a great writing skill, your words are magical and you are knowledgeable, if so, why don’t you use your skills to write something more uplifting, you know, something happy?” “Your performance was phenomenal; can I ask why you were so aggressive?” “Why do all your poems sound […]