Sailboat By Heather Allen

Sailboat By Heather Allen Strange flight, the body Held at a threshold And never quite freed Or quite revealed— One wing taut with wind, One wing concealed Until the wind grows calm And it shimmers in a shadow-world, The shape of a sail, yet softer— The drifting boat A bird half in air, Half in […]

Surface Tension By Chelsea Rathburn

Surface Tension By Chelsea Rathburn In the park, a pond aflame with painted wooden boats plucks us from our way to someplace else. And though the pond, when we draw close, is less a pond than a low, wide fountain, and the boats elaborate miniatures, toys rented by the hour to girls in ruffles and […]

Estrella By L.L. Barkat

Estrella By L.L. Barkat Sometimes when the night comes on and Venus rises bright over the river, I think I can see a boat floating white in the mist, and my heart opens with a fainting motion, laying back on its bed of flesh. Oh, to see the boat, going its way towards the great, […]

Adrift! A little Boat Adrift! By Emily Dickinson

Adrift! A little Boat Adrift! By Emily Dickinson ADRIFT! A little boat adrift! And night is coming down! Will no one guide a little boat Unto the nearest town? So sailors say, on yesterday, Just as the dusk was brown, One little boat gave up its strife, And gurgled down and down. But angels say, […]

Boating By Robert Wylie

Boating By Robert Wylie The same thin, parsimonious wind Which, now, and then blows against me, Blew against the small, wet-sailed boat Bobbing on the choppy water. The gloves I wore, Most of the fingers Bitten-away in nervous times, Were soaked by the beetle-infested pond. My father smiled from across the water, Coaxing me to […]

A Boat By Jordan Davis

A Boat By Jordan Davis When I am sitting at my desk and I have feelings It is like I am the lone passenger in a little boat On a sunny windy day. When we are lying down And we have good feelings it is a speedboat skipping Like a stone among the islands I […]

Sailing By Dorothy Allen

Sailing By Dorothy Allen Swiftly cutting through the water, Falling spray on either side, Coyly dipping, Rising, skipping, Borne along by wind and tide, Merrily my boat doth glide. Oh, the sunlight, how it flickers, Showering diamonds on the way! Madly dancing, Shining, glancing, Slyly beckoning, come and play, Be, like us, bright, free, and […]

Unreturning By Emily Dickinson

Unreturning By Emily Dickinson ‘T was such a little, little boat That toddled down the bay! ‘T was such a gallant, gallant sea That beckoned it away! ‘T was such a greedy, greedy wave That licked it from the coast; Nor ever guessed the stately sails My little craft was lost! Copyright © by the […]

The Old Sail-Boat By Francis Charles MacDonald

The Old Sail-Boat By Francis Charles MacDonald Dismasted, rudderless, sides agape, She lies upon the beach a wreck,— She that was wont, a lovely shape, To sail with beauty on her deck. Beneath the moon before the wind She sped, and floods of silvery speech Poured over her: yet now I find Only the hulk […]

Poems about Confidence

Where Go The Boats? By Robert Louis Stevenson

Where Go The Boats? By Robert Louis Stevenson Dark brown is the river.   Golden is the sand. It flows along for ever,   With trees on either hand.   Green leaves a-floating,   Castles of the foam, Boats of mine a-boating—   Where will all come home?   On goes the river   And out past […]