Gryphons By Elizabeth Shield

Gryphons By Elizabeth Shield Sometimes we are lions in the park Regally relaxing between the benches Lounging on the fountains and Chasing pigeons over cobblestones What fun to be a lion, careless, powerful, And muscled like a well-carved statue Sometimes we are doves on the windowsill Pecking prettily amongst the boxed petunias Soaring over corbelled […]

The Griffins At Wallington By Simon Currie

The Griffins At Wallington By Simon Currie These chimeras were brought from Bishopsgate for ballast: an empty collier sailing back London to Newcastle. Ozymandias in a northern park, four heads rest on sober grass as if, landlocked icebergs, their bodies bulked below. No more than emblems, they face rude frosts, gaze from blank orbs that […]

The Gryphon By Oliver Herford

The Gryphon By Amanda Gorman It chanced that Allah, looking round, When he had made his creatures, found Half of an Eagle and a pair Of extra Lion legs to spare. So, hating waste, he took some glue And made a Gryphon of the two. But when his handiwork he eyed, He frowned–and it was […]

Saint Stephen’s Day With The Griffins By Henri Cole

Saint Stephen’s Day With The Griffins By Henri Cole for Janet and Christopher Half-eagle, half-lion, the fabulous animal struts, saber-clawed but saintly, a candlewicked ornament dangling from our rickety sugar pine. Butternut pudding in our bellies. His reindeer and sleigh hurried here and gone—thank God for us childless folks. Almost: the lovelocked Griffins on the […]

Gryphon By Diane Fahey

Gryphon By Diane Fahey Once, dragon-like, you guarded treasure. Later, you guarded power: in repose, regally aloof, beside the throne at Knossos, neck arched, body luxuriant with flowers. On cauldron or krater, a governed savagery, though a paw may be raised, a beak open. Only rarely are you in action — serpentine spoiler of deer, […]

The Gryphon By Sean D Rasmussen

The Gryphon By Sean D Rasmussen The gryphon stands alone upon the mountain top, watching the valley below its nest upon an old gray rock. Seeing all with eagle eyes in the valley below, thinking thoughts within its mind that no mortal man will know. The air is split with its roar as it spreads […]

Yet Gentle Will The Griffin Be By Vachel Lindsay

Yet Gentle Will The Griffin Be By Vachel Lindsay The moon? It is a griffin’s egg, Hatching to-morrow night. And how the little boys will watch With shouting and delight To see him break the shell and stretch And creep across the sky. The boys will laugh. The little girls, I fear, may hide and […]

Canzonet By Oscar Wilde

Canzonet By Oscar Wilde I have no store Of gryphon-guarded gold; Now, as before, Bare is the shepherd’s fold. Rubies nor pearls Have I to gem thy throat; Yet woodland girls Have loved the shepherd’s note. Then pluck a reed And bid me sing to thee, For I would feed Thine ears with melody, Who […]

A Sorcerer Bids Farewell To Seem By Sylvia Plath

A Sorcerer Bids Farewell To Seem By Sylvia Plath I’m through with this grand looking-glass hotel where adjectives play croquet with flamingo nouns; methinks I shall absent me for a while from rhetoric of these rococo queens. Item : chuck out royal rigmarole of props and auction off each rare white-rabbit verb; send my muse […]

Gryphon By Evan Lindeman

Gryphon By Evan Lindeman I wish that I, like a gryphon, might soar amidst the clouds, Shedding my skin to reveal my white feathers, Bursting my vast wings from within my arms, Heaving my great barreled chest from it’s cramped cage. My face elongating, hardening, curving. My pupils dilating, widening, yellowing. And then I with […]