Manticore By Phil Roberts

Manticore By Phil Roberts Through the awful sky The Manticore is soaring, Seeking human prey below Its manlike head is roaring. Through the evil darkness The sphinx-like terror roams, Waiting for the gullibly to leave The safety of their homes. A lion-like beast is flying Across the peaceful azure blue, No hint of the monstrous […]

The Burning Of The Book By A.B Jackson

The Burning Of The Book By A.B Jackson the voyage of st. brendan
 Books were Brendan’s love. At number one, Amazing Tales, a vast compendium. Within, he found the Mathematic Salmon, the Manticore, the breath-defying Dragon. The dog-head folks, called Cynocephali, a godless bunch who play the banjolele. The Arctic tribes who worship tiger seals, […]

Manticore By Mike

Manticore By Mike The deepest bowels of the Earth In ancient times had given birth To strange creatures passed into lore. None more fearsome than the manticore. With terrifying bugle blare, The beast leaps from his jungle lair Trailing the pungent smell of decay His piercing blue eyes hold his prey. Tail whipping, flinging toxic […]

The Death Of The Manticore By Anonymous

The Death Of The Manticore By Anonymous the cub– Darkness. A light was promised here. Silence. It’s cold, when death is near. Yellow. Her wing, it holds me close. Soft. The pony I love the most. Still. We lay here in the black. Gone. Never to come back. Life. A small, fleeting thing. Death. It’s […]

Shapes In The Sunset By Clark Ashton Smith

Shapes In The Sunset By Clark Ashton Smith Daylong was my slumber. At the sunset, Wakening, I beheld the clouds, a hundred Shapes of antic gods and beasts of wonder Gathered on the horizon. Vulcan, with his forge behind him, towered, Greaved with aureate fire, against the boundless Concave west; and whirling Scylla spouted Purple […]

Untitled By Jude Herrick

Untitled By Jude Herrick Frigid metals twist like Banshees in shriek, Making all who hear it fear it’s threatening speech. Cognitive cogs, turning out torture- instigating further madness noir. Pale green and gold in it’s likeness. Promulgated sickness. Rusted iron dust to waft in the air, wasping the lungs in claustrophobic- sheer. Gnatly obstructions, of […]

Manticore By Kelvin Pham

Manticore By Kelvin Pham In the oasis that cultivated and sheltered everything man conceived, Were the final clawing and flap of a longing paw and wing. Only the bevy of nymphs and maidens grieved, And began to raise their arms, to guide the light shining upon the sorrow, and sing. Gave mercy to the poor […]

The Dragon And The Manticore By Anonymous

The Dragon And The Manticore By Anonymous I like to walk down to the park on weekends. There’s a portal in the shallows of the lake, and another in the alleyway. The water dragon who hangs around the dock is friendly, and gives good advice on fishing, so long as you do not cast a […]

Haiku By Jeanette Andromeda

Haiku By Jeanette Andromeda The cursed conqueror waits with patient calm for our guard to be let down. She floats above on wings of our fragmented dreams, ready to consume. Copyright © by the owner. Discover More Poetry

In Sponson’s Wake By Andrew Foreman

In Sponson’s Wake By Andrew Foreman in sponson’s wake of beetled prow, cold foam formed horizons far, gray mist above, blue black below, pitted keel thrum anchored flow, splintered spar led teakwood jibe dawn broke on that deeper now, luff and taut blown by four winds, hidden rough in burlap skins, ‘midship foundered salt and […]