Fantasy By Gwendolyn Bennett

Fantasy By Gwendolyn Bennett I sailed in my dreams to the Land of Night Where you were the dusk-eyed queen, And there in the pallor of moon-veiled light The loveliest things were seen … A slim-necked peacock sauntered there In a garden of lavender hues, And you were strange with your purple hair As you […]

Queens By J. M. Synge

Queens By J. M. Synge Seven dog-days we let passNaming Queens in Glenmacnass,All the rare and royal namesWormy sheepskin yet retains,Etain, Helen, Maeve, and Fand,Golden Deirdre’s tender hand,Bert, the big-foot, sung by Villon,Cassandra, Ronsard found in Lyon.Queens of Sheba, Meath and Connaught,Coifed with crown, or gaudy bonnet,Queens whose finger once did stir men,Queens were eaten […]

Queen By Benjamin Beik

Queen By Benjamin Beik In this case here place her heart:It may quiver, it may bleed, it maySmell of marzipan and scream for revenge,But in this it must be placed,Captured,Run through. I will have no excuses.Sharpen well your hunting knife,Kiss it and on your tongue, on your chest,On your palms, on your cheeks,On your eyelids […]