The Threads That Bind By Brisebear

The Threads That Bind By Brisebear There are many experiences and memories that act as threads To bind our lives together. Fine, gossamer strands, intertwined between us Entering in one location, exiting in another So delicate and fine, we forget they exist And neither do we appreciate the role they play for us. Threads break […]

Relic By Jennifer Foerster

Relic By Jennifer Foerster An atlas on the underside of my dream. My half-shut eyelid— a black wing. I dipped sharp quills in the night’s mouth— moths swarmed from my throat. I pulled a feather blanket over my skeleton and woke— a map of America flapping in the dark. Once I dreamt of inheriting this— […]

White Days By Priscilla Becker

White Days By Priscilla Becker the sun always comes up (indisputable, unarguable) yet some days the white suffocate lowers like snowy exhaust designed to trick you into death these are the days I like best the days that justify solitary confinement, the laconic breath of warm tea drifting to meet earth’s skullcap when I was […]

October Song By Marilyn Chin

October Song By Marilyn Chin The prince speaks Let me lower the curtains, my love Our last night together is brief Let me straighten our wedding quilt And warm it for you, my love Let me fold your nightgown, my love Let me unfasten your hair Let me lift the veil from your face To […]

Heavy Threads By Hazel Hall

Heavy Threads By Hazel Hall When the dawn unfolds like a bolt of ribbon Thrown through my window, I know that hours of light Are about to thrust themselves into me Like omnivorous needles into listless cloth, Threaded with the heavy colours of the sun. They seem altogether too eager, To embroider this thing of […]

Quilts By Nikki Giovanni

Quilts By Nikki Giovanni for Sally Sellers Like a fading piece of cloth I am a failure No longer do I cover tables filled with food and laughter My seams are frayed my hems falling my strength no longer able To hold the hot and cold I wish for those first days When just woven […]

The Quilting Poem By Paul Laurence Dunbar

The Quilting Poem By Paul Laurence Dunbar Dolly sits a-quilting by her mother,stitch by stitch,Gracious, how my pulses throb, how myfingers itch,While I note her dainty waist and her slenderhand,As she matches this and  that, she stitchesstrand by strand.And I long to tell her Life’s a quilt and I’ma patch;Love will do the stitching if […]

Baby’s Quilt By M. (Marilyn) Robinson

Baby’s Quilt By M. (Marilyn) Robinson The sun came up this morning It’s promise sweet and long A new child shares this day with me The birds begin their songs. A special gift of squares and strips Was sewn for baby’s cover The sparkling patches quite reflect Our feeling for each other. The beauty of […]

Quilting Bee By Anonymous

Quilting Bee By Anonymous In Fellowship they meet, Their long days to invest, Snipping and sewing, only slowing To visit, to eat or rest. Calico scraps, heaped on laps, Each one an exact size and hue. Fingers nimble with thread and thimble, Create pretty patterns anew. Heads bent to the task, you need not ask […]