Texas Road

By Anonymous

With big high Stetsons and shiny boots,
Texas Bears were lyin’ in wait.
As night rolled in with wind at their backs,
big rigs rolled headin’ dead on straight.
The parade grew as the rigs roared on
or white line fever would slow the loads.
Some twenty CB’s crackled to life,
a driver or two wanted off the road.

In the coal black dark of a Texas night,
Bears were waitin’ with trucks in their sight.
In the median sittin’ ever so quiet,
they got the drivers dead to rights.

All of a sudden with complete surprise,
tough ol’ drivers got tears in their eyes.
“Do me a favor, stroll easy down the road,
a truck rolled over with a big, heavy load.”

The CB suddenly got awful darned quiet
as the parade so somberly passed.
For one more trucker in the silent night,
that big heavy load would be the last.