poems about attachment

The 8 Best Poems About Attachment

Think about the people in your life who are important to you. Now think about how you feel when you’re not able to be around them. That’s what attachment is like—a strong emotional bond that connects us to other people. 

In this collection, we’ll explore poems that capture the feeling of attachment. Whether it’s a romantic love poem or a poem about a close friend, these poems will make you feel all the feels.


Poems about attachment are challenging to write, but they have the potential for significant impact. This is because people attach themselves emotionally and psychologically to their favourite pieces of art or literature- even more so if it was created by someone close to them. 


But poems about attachment can also be used as a tool for healing. They offer an opportunity for introspection to better understand our own emotions concerning others’ actions. 

Whether you’re looking for poetry on how love changes over time or just want some new perspectives on life, don’t hesitate to check out this list of attachment poems!


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