The Bystander And Where The Grasses Grow

By Agape Phileo Eros

walking done the boulevard
chanced came upon a scene
blood spattered on neighbor’s yard

yelled out a young man from the ground
“Come help for I am bleeding, please!
Don’t stand there gawking. I’m begging on my knees.
No, don’t turn and walk away!”

The mob that thrashed and trashed him
Were coming back for more. To end him off
Completely. To Bludgeon with clubs,
Slash him with kitchen knife;
coz any device will do

I just had my duffel bag, swimsuit
mini pocket Swiss knife and glue
I trembled knocked knees to run.
Everything inside said, “scram Sam
They’ will come and pummel you.
if you don’t scramble to a run

My shaking became a twitching quake
for miles it could be seen All the while
I pissed my pants. The breeze it could not dry.
The gang they saw my pounding chest.
Lightening speed they were there.

I looked them with my quivering eye.
They pierced the other cheering
with Machete, sword and spear
Diced him and in the garbage threw

My panic could not revive him.
He with own flesh and blood
made the stew
I knew as he was spurting there
There was nothing I could do.

Call 911 the thought
ne’er crossed my mind
The mob was just mirage.
It disappeared
right from my sight.

But the poor boy lay
morphed dead weight
strewn upon the dew
on clover they’ll bury him

his blood was sprayed all over me.
I thought I’m going to faint, I did
and in an instant I at once complied.

I hit the dirt and found a worm
crawling up my nose
for I was that poor boy
dead upon the lawn
where the grasses grow.

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