The Carpenter

By G.E. Nordell

There was once a master carpenter
and he lived a good life
for he loved to work, building things of wood.
He was loved by his family,
by his sons and his daughter,
and especially by his wife.
He was loved by everyone who knew him.
And at the end of that good life
when it came time for him to die
the old carpenter soared
into the white light of death –
for the white light is where the good souls go to.

And the white light warmed him and
nurtured him and
fed him great peace.

And when this carpenter arrived in heaven
he was expected and
immediately he was put to work:
for the Pearly Gates
were a bit loose
and St. Peter’s desk
had a couple of drawers that stuck.
And before long
the old master carpenter
began to build
a new throne
for God.

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