The Clocking-Hen

By Aunt Effie

“Will you take a walk with me,
My little wife, today?
There’s barley in the barley-field,
And hay-seed in the hay.”
“Thank you,” said the Clocking-hen;
“I’ve something else to do:
I’m busy sitting on my eggs,
I cannot walk with you.”
“Clock, clock, clock, clock,”
Said the Clocking-hen:
“My little chicks will soon be hatched,
I’ll think about it then.”
The Clocking-hen sat on her nest,
She made it in the hay;
And warm and snug beneath her breast
A dozen white eggs lay.
Crack, crack, went all the eggs,
Out dropt the chickens small!
“Clock,” said the Clocking-hen,
“Now I have you all.”
“Come along, my little chicks,
I’ll take a walk with YOU.”
“Hallo!” said the barn-door Cock,

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