The Duality Of Darkness And Light

By Tim Vallie

If I search and seek inside my mind
The deeper I look the more I find
Exists a spiritual duality of darkness and light
My soul mirrors the world, the day and the night
In the darkness I seek the light to guide
From the sunlight I seek a shadow to hide
The dark is my shield, the light is my blade
They guide and protect me, the light and the shade
They are the sides of coin, opposed yet part of the same
They the sides of a blade, one cold one aflame
This is the spiritual duality of darkness and light
The immortal struggle of the day and the night
Two sides of one coin, two sides of one blade
The darkness and light, tools used yet obeyed
The shade of the daylight, the light in the night
Our immortal mortality, our hope yet our plight
The darkness a shield, the light a bright sword
To refuse their protection we cannot afford
Their immortal struggle, mirrored in our souls
They both play their parts, they both have their roles
A spiritual duality the darkness and light
A reflection of reality the day and the night

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