The Duality Of Man

By Dawn Michelle Dillon

The duality of man through time
two halves we try to join
are here because there has to be
both sides of one coin.

Embrace the side with full accord
that seems to be all light and storm
and when the storm is over
embrace the darkening calm.

The negative of each picture
is the perspective we can’t see
the positive is the other view
both ones need to be.

Without that perfect balance
without both light and dark
the universe ( and us inside)
would be just flat and stark.

We seem to need to pick a side
(and that one will have to lose)
but balance and the universe
have never had to choose.

We need the light, the energy
we need to have a voice
then we need the quiet times
to replenish – it’s no choice.

May we use them both – the Yin, the Yang
and never seek just one
and if we do – within our souls
then balance will be won.

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