The Egg

By Kanav Justa

Covered with a shell, as white as snow
You wonder how will be the inside
a present for the men of earth
that under its shell hide

Break it and then you will see
yellow liquid like some molten gold
cheaper than a poor man’s bread
by the merchant, it is sold

and if some case be
where you see the shell not white
Stay calm with the merchant
don’t go nuts and do not fight

that’s laid by the local hens
its for the people who are wealthy
Costlier than the regular one’s
but a bit more healthy

when you study, what’s it made of
and inside it, when you try to enter
Embraced as one, by some mysterious force
the yolk is held to its center

eat them and feel
as your bones get hard as rock
ability of only the hens
I wish if they were laid too by the cock

Behold them with your eyes
A sight that would make eyes glitter
have half a dozen a day
And forget the sorrows and the days bitter
people might question you
and ask “ what have you done ‘
what you ate could have been
some cock and his wife son

they will look at you like some criminal
and say you are so mean
but remember only one thing
it’s a great source of protein

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