The First

By Anonymous

The first time you see them
They are such a gem
The first time they smile at you
You don’t know what to do.

The first time they say your name
You feel you have new-found fame
And when they give you a kiss
Your eyes fill with mist.

The first time they hold your hand
You think, oh wow, this is so grand.
The first time you see them walk
To everyone, you do talk.

There are many firsts with grandchildren
You find you are full of love and affection
You never tire of seeing them arrive
You look forward to the time and thrive.

You do things you haven’t done in years
They make you laugh until you have tears
You play all the games – like hide and seek
And you don’t care if they peak.

It is different with your child’s child
Experience you now have compiled
You are a bit more relaxed too
You don’t have the pressures to pursue.

So enjoy all the firsts, there is no hurry
As they grow in such a flurry
With them, wisdom you will share
Having grandkids is a wonderful affair.

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