The Forgotten Knight

By Michelle Joelle

In the mud this rainy day
A Knight in shining armor lay.
His shining suit, though soon to rust
Would yet outlast his living lust
For battle, glory, love, and more
While he forgot what he died for.

Others would recall his deeds
Of courage in times of great need.
They’d hear his tale recounted true
By other Knights of fortune, who
Emerged from battle thus unscathed
Sharing memories before they fade.

But stories broken into parts
Are difficult to know by heart.
Those who retold tales like these
Would reconstruct them as they pleased:
Some deeds embellished and some forgot,
Until they made one Knight a God.

In the mud and in the rain
A valiant warrior there was slain.
His unflinching strength and might
Given to another Knight.
And so he earns eternal fame,
But only by another name.

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