The Gambler

By Win Gray

The gambler chanced his all
Giving away his hard-earned day’s pay
Trying to win a hefty lump sum
To make his day worthwhile
To make him feel like a man.
He waited patiently for his numbers to play,
Out of luck, he cursed the numbers that called
A new comer to the game shouted, “I won! ”
Angry, the gambler turned his head to the sky
Asking God what he had done wrong to be so unlucky.

For all his days, he had worked from sunrise to sunset
Yet he reaped no reward.
He walked away from the gambling house a sore loser
Feeling less of a man
Feeling downtrodden
Thinking of the day when he can live his millionaire dream.
He crawled home to three hungry children
Waiting for Daddy to bring home the bread
And a wife who knew none would be provided.

Frustrated with his addiction
She walked away
To put on her night’s best to chance her all.
Using the gift she got from God,
She lurked outside the gambling house
Waiting for the men to chance their all
And shout, “I won! ”
With her made up smile
She charmed them and took their gain
Then made her way home to three smiling children
Who saw the bread that Mommy provided
And a pitiful husband who ate the children’s bread.

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