The Highest Goal

By Joseph Horatio Chant

The highest goal is not success,
If that be made the aim;
But faithfulness, tho’ counted less,
Is what God promises to bless:
These goals are not the same.

And if I am to do my best
In every line of life,
My effort will be surely blest,
And I will find in toil sweet rest,
Tho’ in a world of strife.

And when before the throne I stand
To answer for the use
Of gifts received from God’s own hand,
He will not then, in wrath, demand
From me some strong excuse,

To show why I had not attained
The goal of grand success,
Such as some noted men have gained,
For if my work is not sin-stained
God will my failures bless.

And I will hear Him say, “My son,
A throne thou hast attained;
Without applause thy race was run,
‘Midst failures oft thy work was done,
Life’s highest goal is gained.”

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