The Last O' The Tinkler

By Violet Jacob

    Lay me in yon place, lad,
        The gloamin’s thick wi’ nicht;
    I canna’ see yer face, lad,
        For my een’s no richt,
    But it’s owre late for leein’,
    An’ I ken fine I’m deein’,
    Like an auld craw fleein’
        To the last o’ the licht.

    The kye gang to the byre, lad,
        An’ the sheep to the fauld,
    Ye’ll mak’ a spunk o’ fire, lad,
        For my he’rt’s turned cauld;
    An’ whaur the trees are meetin’,
    There’s a sound like waters beatin’,
    An’ the bird seems near to greetin’,
        That was aye singin’ bauld.

    There’s jist the tent to leave, lad,
        I’ve gaithered little gear,
    There’s jist yersel’ to grieve, lad,
        An’ the auld dug here;
    An’ when the morn comes creepin’,
    An’ the waukw’nin’ birds are cheipin’,
    It’ll find me lyin’ sleepin’
        As I’ve slept saxty year.

    Ye’ll rise to meet the sun, lad,
        An’ baith be traiv’lin west,
    But me that’s auld an’ done, lad,
        I’ll bide an’ tak’ my rest;
    For the grey heid is bendin’,
    An’ the auld shune’s needin’ mendin’,
    But the traiv’lin’s near its endin’,
        And the end’s aye the best.

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