The Loch Ness Monster

By James Tate

The moon illuminated the sloping terrain,
Following the hills down to the sea.
Daisies proudly displayed their blossoms,
Windswept spruce swayed in the breeze.

Above, menacing clouds drifted,
Diminishing this awesome sight for me.
A storm gathered on the scene,
Stretching across nature’s canopy.

Lightning flashed on the mountains,
Bringing shivers to my spine.
Somberness came quickly upon me,
While the moon struggled to shine.

It cast eerie light and shadow upon the sea,
Revealing small, rippling waves.
Suddenly a menacing object arose,
Capturing my morbid gaze.

A ghoulish entity appeared.
This, all logic defies.
My hair stood up, tingling.
I couldn’t believe my eyes!

I closed them for a moment,
And wondered what it could be?
Was it still there?
Yes! A monster from the sea!

Gloomy hills in the distance.
Dark clouds lingering above.
Far off mountains echoed thunder.
I was too frightened to move.

It took courage to look at the object—
I could see its upper half.
A large hump revealed its body;
Its long neck was like a giant giraffe.

The Loch Ness Monster!
Right here in plain sight!
It gripped me in terror,
Filling my heart with fright.

I closed my eyes quickly,
Holding tightly to a willow.
Awakened suddenly from sleeping,
I buried my head on a pillow.

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