The Love Of God

By Saxe Holm

Like a cradle rocking, rocking,
Silent, peaceful to and fro,
Like a mother’s sweet looks dropping
On the little face below, –
Hangs the green earth, swinging, turning,
Jarless, noiseless, safe and slow;
Falls the light of God’s face bending
Down, and watching us below.

And as feeble babes that suffer,
Toss and cry, and will not rest.
Are the ones the tender mother
Holds the closest, loves the best.
So when we are weak and wretched,
By our sins weighed down, distressed,
Then it is that God’s great patience
Holds us closest, loves us best.

O great Heart of God! whose loving
Cannot hindered be nor crossed;
Will not weary, will not even
In our death itself be lost, –
Love divine! of such great loving
Only mothers know the cost, –
Cost of love, which, all love passing,
Gave a Son to save the lost.

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