The Mirror Is The Eyes Of The World Around You

By Senator Ihenyen

We were best of friends, Sam and me.
Dreams of childhood, memories of old age –
He was a fine fellow.

In his last moments with us
Lying on his dying bed that early morning
Death-rattle in his dying throat ticking like a death-watch beetle
Death-wish without more on his yellow fungus lips

There comes a time in your life
When in your need to find answers
To questions that make you quiver,
You turn to the mirrors around you.
When in those mirrors come nothing but reflections of a forlorn life
Fear of the unknown grips you
Substance slowly gives way to shadows.
Falling like feathers from the ruffled wings of dying dreams
In the strangulating hold of something you must fight,
You just want to let go.
It was no different for Sam. Sometimes such mirrors in your life
Are not the ones hanging on the wall in your room
They are not the glasses made of silica you could break against the wall
And walk away to look into the mirror inside you,
But in the eyes of the world around you

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