The Mobile Phone

By Chandra Thiagarajan

The Mobile phone or the Cell phone,
Is indeed a great invention! .
To the small gadget—a contraption,
We are now in total addiction.

It has of late a grip—so strong,
Over the human psyche—
The phone to possess every one long.

There is a big explosion,
In the varieties of the phone,
With many a different application!

T he mobile phones—a plethora
Exist and tantalize us,
Like the I-phone, Smart phone et cetera!

We are lured by user apps’ many,
As to browse the inter-net,
And to keep us good company.

With it we can go for gaming,
Or go in for other spreads,
Or even go for mobile banking.

We can hear songs singing,
Or go for video-streaming.
It’s all so mind boggling!

From the smart executive,
To the road-side gypsy—
It is so very far extensive.

From the impecunious vendor,
To the hierophantic priest—
It figures too with the money-lender.

From the college student,
To the vehicle drivers—
It is for all much prudent.

All are seen holding phones
To their ears or clutching it;
It appears none can survive sans phones!

Cell phones have come to play,
An indispensable part of life—
It is much a part of us all day!

It has become a sort of real phobia,
To not have one’s mobile phone by—
So, for this fear, a new word is coined—’Nomophobia’!

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