The Mortal Gods

By Anonymous

Tubes 1, 2 and 3, Torpedoes fired.
Periscope down, dive, wait and see.
Not fast enough; the turret takes two hits.
We begin the descent of no return.
Every eye looks to each other,
And speaks a silent farewell.

Miranda felt the Boom Boom,
From a thousand waves away.
She swims quick, inquisitive, There!
On the ocean floor lay the brown egg,
Spewing black ink and bubbling anger.

She should avoid anything of metal,
It is the poison from the dry-lands.
Despite her fears, she swims into the broken metal shell.
Gathered within are magnificent young Gods.
She gazes at the peaceful, and touches each warm face.

The legends of the sea are true;
Gods are mortal in her world.
If only one of them were living,
Her dreams could be realities.
With her sadness she swims for home,
Best keep this memory untold, untarnished.

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