The Nigerian Dream (National Anthem Revised)

By Adeleke Adeite

Arise, O compatriots,
Let’s come together to build the broken walls,
Arise, your sinking ship for safety calls;
Let’s rebuild our heroes’ humble halls.

Nigeria’s call obey,
Like a baby she yearns and yells for succor;
The spears and swords of war grieves her sour,
Let arise to save her heart that’s faint and poor.

To serve our fatherland,
And not to sell our brain to the western pest,
Nor make our green garden, a terrain for test;
Let’s arise to give our fatherland the very best.

With love and strength and faith…
Not with our grains soaked in gall and greed;
We have a patriotic plea and a noble need,
To build a nation with love: a colorful creed.

The labour of our heroes past…
Yearn and yell for our hand to uphold
The sure substance in our state’s stronghold,
So we can remain a fat and flourishing fold.

Shall never be in vain…
Let’s furnish our field to stop brain drain;
Let’s shield our seas from spills and stain,
Let’s get our gains without playing with pain.

To serve with heart and mind…
A land where there is hope and health;
A land where lords and labors walk in wealth,
A land where giants and ants share same strength.

One nation bound in freedom, peace and unity
Walking in wealth and wisdom,
Seen by sons and strangers as a kind kingdom,
Where everyone is sure of soaring to stardom.

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