The Oasis

By Hazel Durham

Time is like a childish rhyme,
Inside the sanctuary of my head,
As I lie in our king size bed,
Like in a boat on a tranquil lake,

Watching the sunset flooding the sky with joy,
As I see our lives from this loving place,
I want to always dwell in your comforting face,
As birds fly with glee from the trees,

On the distant lakeshore,
Your desire leaves me wanting more,
As I lie in our king-size bed,
Our love affair was an unlikely dare,

I was out of step with life,
Puzzled by my limitations and expectations,
As I stayed on my own,
Then your deep, soothing voice was on the phone,

Your eyes desired my inner soul,
We danced into living my dreamlike trance,
After we watched the sunset fall from the sky,
In moments of pure bliss,

Truth replaced the lie,
I was not a weird loner,
Just a woman with fear holding her captive,
In a sometimes cold, opinionated world,

You bring your warmth to melt the ice,
I remember in the hotel you looked with passion at me twice,
We danced into a cocoon,
In rhythm with love like a catchy tune,

Playing within the sanctuary of my head,
As we lie in the oasis of our king size bed.

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