The One In Ten

By Edgar A. Guest

Nine passed him by with a hasty look,
Each bent on his eager way;
One glance at him was the most they took,
“Somebody stuck,” said they;
But it never occurred to the nine to heed
A stranger’s plight and a stranger’s need.
The tenth man looked at the stranded car,
And he promptly stopped his own.
“Let’s see if I know what your troubles are,”
Said he in a cheerful tone;
“Just stuck in the mire. Here’s a cable stout, Hitch onto my bus and I’ll pull you out.”
“A thousand thanks,” said the stranger then,
“For the debt that I owe you;
I’ve counted them all and you’re one in ten
Such a kindly deed to do.”
And the tenth man smiled and he answered then,
“Make sure that you’ll be the one in ten.”
Are you one of the nine who pass men by
In this hasty life we live?
Do you refuse with a downcast eye
The help which you could give?
Or are you the one in ten whose creed
Is always to stop for the man in need?

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