The Pandemic (Covid 19)

By Al Lutfy Aniq Bin Alsyukri

It started as only another virus
Infecting people in only one country
Little that everyone realised
The virus began spreading rapidly

Countries started to close borders
In order to keep the virus from advancing
Unfortunately to many others
The virus began escalating

Number of people infected began to increase
Sadly, so did the number of the deceased

Panic, worry and fear were triggering
While governments worked to overcome the imminent warning

However, behind every cloud there is a silver lining
Families became closer, nature began healing
Many discovered surprising knack and bent
They never knew, nor had time to discover before then

Our main line of defence now is to stay at home to stop it from spreading To always maintain a safe distance from people who might be coughing or sneezing
To always wash our hands, and have our temperature monitored
And to wear a mask to as a preventive method

This pandemic has changed life as have always been living
It stopped us from doing our normal undertakings
Yet it also helped us to re-learn and unearth many other things
Hence let us hope that this new normal will make us better human beings

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