The Power Of Evil

By Plantard Dacull

Men walk amongst us for years the quartermaster as it was duce’s heard
like sediment of sandstones spoke the
men from England from police officer
to the next level of quotation

They field his heart with they had large bags field with spy gear he was an agent of
the FBI so was Yammayer malecant the American legion post

His prays of power Writers the gangsters wanted to be Hurd through trouble and gifted children they had to unite and create a political party so damn forgive cribs

It’s was guns that ruled over the world
smart children given a pen and pencil to write as the ghetto youth, fix our children
we live in gear me up

So the bodies where of our cousins The gangsters prayers praise Lillard and labor years of new evolution changing the book over and over fix it I trust you knew me

so repeat a song that made me cry for my farthers tears polo shirts and pants, the Xhosa culture with leather was our family’s
Crest and an unknown book

He changed the flag not for reasons to kill maybe some could sense the power of evil it was money in the Poets mind so help the farthers and mothers of gangsters prayers

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