The Same Coin

By CMad Poet

I wish for you to be happy.
My sweet child for this world to be kind.
Hidden joys spun truths from secret spirits to find.

A golden coin.

A saint’s face backed where evil may shine.
Gamble with the ghost a chance to grant me riches and wine.

My eyes sparkle as the sphere flips opposition to life combine.
A simple truth hidden as wealth from poverty’s love to shine.

I toss luck for fates to guide.
Let me dream of a world unrefined.
Where tokens cherished are no longer gathered our symbols of crime.
The face of a glorious love reflects gold in my eyes.

An affliction to hate everything that I despise.
The coin flips my future surmised.
Then release deaths grip on the line.
Justice from evil can never be mine.

Surrender to what I may never find.
An experience of horrors I’ve suffered confined.
Where bliss whispers a lifetime of troubles to unwind.
A golden tail shines a lust-bound hate from the sky.

In love, is a guidance to no more prolonged compromise.
Fall away nightmare to my past.
This forgiveness is to free my mind.
A selfish act of kindness created good soil for jealousy to bind.

One reflects another in a world where two must be refined.
There is no love in peace; without hate in war, the coin has chimed.
A fate reserved for Angles made Human, while Demons play with time.

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