The Scent Of A Woman

By Del Lize

Lying on my bed, remembering you:
Those brown eyes pulling me in with an air of intensity.
Devilishly and wickedly licking her lips…
I can’t stand it anymore…
approaching this woman, I can’t ignore.
This woman I desire to my core.

Worshipping her on my knees,
my tongue becomes the tease.
Her scent as a drug overpowers my being
An intoxicating feeling
That overpowers my senses:

Tasting her on my tongue
Smelling her on my skin
Touching the wetness between her thighs
Hearing her panting
Seeing the shivers run through her body

That moment when I have full power
I know I can devour
Until I release the shower

Worshipping your womanhood
Made me understood
What I’ve missed during adulthood.

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