The Subjugation By Bee Jay Olitres

By Bee Jay Olitres

The cannon has been fired Klang…klang…
Death knell resounded, and chimed then pealed;
War’s a’birth, pandemonium a’stirred

The shriek of flesh in throes of blood
Was quenched by squeak of Draco’s brood
The cleaver’s tak-a-tak in butcher’s stance
Unleashed a bane in Dragon’s clutch

The rat-a-tat of bustling world
Was stifled by the masked perturb
The turning of the trading wheels
Was screeched to stop by impalpable stabs
The dove midflight was squelched and crashed;
The swoosh of wings is clipped by bugs

The cloaked Gloom stalked the lands
The clank of scythe, it haunts the hearts
The children’s sob, enchained in blocks
The dust of doom, the world a’plague

The gluttony, the discontent
Has take its toll on Adam’s whelps
The biped scourge, that gnaws the Earth
Succumbed, subdued by crowns of speck

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