The Tale of a River...

By Dwij Kabra

Long long aback
there was a river
flowing down a hill
with a lovely feel…

It was beautiful
as all flowers around it bloom
spreading happiness and silence
in the world all agloom…

The way it brushed around the rocks
the way it made sharp turns
the way it had the valley roar
all on their runs…

Then all of a sudden
nobody knows what got it hooked
just one day
it changed its route…

The valley was all devastated
the flowers al gloom
the liveliness and the energy
all was just D-doom…

Yet the valley tried to smile
pressing all its emotions
for you know how important it is
for a life giver to be in motion…

The river on the other hand
flowed as it had been
making everybody around it elevated
with its caressing reel…

Come today
and you will know
when you ask the valley
about river and ego
and trust me,
you will be relaxed as well as hollow
when it will sigh and say…
“Nothing in this world is permanent
my dear fellow……….”

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